Security Center Subscription

Security Center Subscription is an innovative ownership option from Genetec™ that gives you the freedom of pay-as-you-go licensing when you invest in an on-premises unified security platform. Lower your upfront costs and get access to Security Center with a term contract that includes updates, support and free trials to cloud services.

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Buy the Way You Want

With perpetual and subscription license options available, Genetec allows customers to buy Security Center the way they want. Pay-as-you-go with monthly and annual terms for Security Center Subscription.

Budget Flexibility

Bring Flexibility to Your Budget

Purchasing security software on subscription means avoiding a lump sum investment in security and lowering your upfront costs, while freeing up your capital and working with a more predictable budget.

Access to the most recent Security Center software

Access to the Latest Software

Every subscription includes access to the most recent Security Center software updates. Benefit from a proven track record of innovation that keeps your security at optimum levels of performance. All of the Security Center core applications, Omnicast™, Synergis™ and AutoVu™, are available by subscription.


Choose the Edition That’s Right For You

All Security Center editions are available by subscription, so you can deploy the right edition to protect your organization. As your needs evolve over time, you can update your subscription by adding licenses, or moving to a higher edition with a simple change to your subscription and no new software installations. For smaller sites, a new Compact edition is now also available.

EditionMax number of cameras
CompactNEW 25
Standard 50
Professional 250
Enterprise Unrestricted

The Compact Edition

Available by subscription only, Security Center Compact is a cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-use IP video management system that supports up to 25 cameras. Equipped with an intuitive user application and requiring no training, Security Center Compact is an essential solution for any organization looking to take their first steps into the world of IP video surveillance or migrate from a legacy analog solution or DVR.


World Class Support

World Class Support at No Additional Cost

Securing your people and assets is vital to any organization and Genetec understands how important it is for you to reach the right people with the right skills when you have questions. Above and beyond access to the latest software and updates, Security Center subscribers benefit from basic support (Genetec Assurance) as well as from the Genetec Advantage lifecycle management program, at no additional cost, including access to qualified support professionals by phone or through live chat.

Learn More

Genetec Assurance
All Editions
Genetec Advantage
Video Tutorials Genetec Assurance
Technical Information Library Inbound/Outbound Phone Support
Known Issues and Limitations Live Chat Support
System Availability Monitor Advanced Troubleshooting
User Forum
Online Case Management

Advanced Features

Unlock Greater Capabilities at Any Time

One of the many advantages of subscription is that you can activate more advanced capabilities to enhance your security operations. The most popular Security Center features are now available in two bundles, one for Professional Editions and the other for Enterprise editions. Subscribers get access to all advanced features within their chosen bundle, allowing them to take advantage of Security Center’s enterprise-class functionality at a low subscription price.

Active Directory
Threat Levels
Plan Manager Standard
Plan Manager Advanced
Advanced Video Encryption
Failover Archiving
Failover Directory
Global Cardholder Management

Cloud Services

Security Center Cloud Services Diagram

Embrace the Value of Security Center Cloud Services

Experience the benefits of Security Center Cloud Services with risk-free trials when you subscribe to Security Center. You can extend the capabilities of your on-premises video surveillance system, reduce investment in IT infrastructure and storage, and increase system resiliency.

Cloud Archives* – Easily extend video retention period without investment in additional hardware

Stratocast™* – Record video in the cloud to eliminate the need for on-site servers

*Up to 100 TB Cloud Archives and 100 Stratocast Cameras.

Ownership Options

Comparing Ownership Options

Security CenterSecurity Center Subscription
Where is Software Installed? On-Premises Server On-Premises Server
Type of License? Perpetual Termed License
Who Manages Maintenance & Updates? Managed Locally Managed Locally
What Are the Payment Terms? One Upfront Payment Monthly or Annual Subscription

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