Turnkey Network Security Appliances

With Security Center pre-installed, Streamvault network security appliances provide turnkey solutions on verified hardware configurations for installations of all sizes. Whether your project requires a compact appliance for small sites or involves a scalable, enterprise class solution, the GenetecTM Streamvault line of appliances can help accelerate your deployment.

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Unified Security Simplified

Control Room with video wall

The Power of Security Center

Take advantage of the SV line of network security appliances to rapidly deploy a feature rich security solution. Security Center offers an intuitive user interface, broad mapping capabilities, event-based alarms, and advanced reporting capabilities that allow you to rapidly respond to incidents and streamline investigations. With Security Center, you can bring together a variety of solutions, including video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition, in a single, unified system.

Streamvault Appliances

SV-16 v3


Compact, lightweight and versatile, the SV-16 is designed to reduce the hardware footprint of your security system by combining server and workstation in one device that offers local viewing and recording capabilities. With on-board installation and configuration wizards to speed up deployment, the SV-16 is ideal for securing multiple small sites with a standard solution.


  • Support for up to 16 cameras and 16 readers
  • Energy Star® Qualified
  • Weighs only 46 ounces

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SV-32 v2


Whether installing a new security system or transitioning from a legacy analog video solution, the SV-32 enables users to rapidly deploy a hybrid security system that incorporates both video and access control. With built-in encoder cards and support for a wide range of IP cameras, readers, and door controllers, this all-in-one security appliance can help you move to IP.


  • Support for up to 32 cameras and 100 door readers
  • Optional, built-in analog encoder cards
  • Locally decode and record video

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Ideal for mid-sized installations, the rack-mountable SV-PRO offers a reliable unified security solution out-of-the-box. With software pre-installed on verified hardware configurations, the SV-PRO provides consistent, simplified deployments while offering full access to the deep feature set within Security Center. The SV-PRO is available with any Genetec software package, allowing it to be tailored to your needs.


  • Support for up to 100 cameras or 256 door readers
  • Up to 24TB on HP Helium drives
  • RAID Options

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Genetec Exclusive BCDVideo Line

BCDVideo 1U Server

BCDVideo Aurora Series Servers

Built for the mid-sized project market, the BCDVideo Aurora series brings enterprise hardware functionality to budget conscious projects. With Helium drives, the Aurora series offers higher reliability and superior read-write capabilities in a 24/7 setting for deployments of up to 100 cameras.

Aurora Series Highlights

  • Enterprise Helium Drives
  • RAID 0,1,5,6,10 Options
  • 5 year, On-Site Warranty
BCDVideo 2U Server

BCDVideo Nova Series Servers

Ideal for multi-server enterprise deployments requiring enhanced reliability and higher bandwidth, the Nova series offers higher performance and more options tailored to the server’s application. This line includes the SuperNova series of peak performance Archivers for the very highest requirements.

Nova Series Highlights

  • SAS Hard Disk Drives
  • Tested for up to 700 Cameras
  • Up to 100TB Useable Storage
BCDVideo High Performance Workstation

BCDVideo Client Workstations

BCDVideo client workstations allow you to view more video feeds at once. Pre-installed with Security Desk and Config Tool to speed up system deployment, BCDVideo workstations use their on-board graphics cards to unload video processing load and ensure peak responsiveness while monitoring more cameras.

Client Workstation Highlights

Discover the new Streamvault all-in-one and rackmount appliances coming Fall 2017.

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