City-Wide Surveillance Security Solutions

CityWide Surveillance

Securing growing cities is no longer the sole responsibility of law enforcement. Various public organizations, private businesses, architects, city planners, community groups and the public at large, all play a role in keeping cities vibrant and safe. This is why more cities choose Genetec to enhance citywide surveillance and security:

  • Increase collaboration among city organizations to improve incident response
  • Streamline operations and maximize technology investments to reduce expansion costs
  • Leverage existing security infrastructure for operational benefits, improving city vibrancy and livability
  • Implement and uphold privacy and security policies to keep citizens’ best interests top of mind

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See What’s Happening in Your City, Any Time, Anywhere.

Omnicast™, the video surveillance system of Security Center, our unified security platform, has been chosen by numerous cities– such as Almere and Cincinnati– to expand their Citywide surveillance.

Omnicast helps your team effectively handle incidents and increase situational awareness as your city evolves. With a flexible and open architecture, Omnicast also helps you to reduce costs by implementing phased growth plans, choosing your own hardware, capitalizing on existing city network infrastructure, and even preserving your older analog technology.

Grow your video surveillance system to reach thousands of cameras, and facilitate video and data sharing by bringing all public and private cameras under one solution using the Genetec™ Federation™ feature.

The Genetec™ Federation™ Feature Supports Multi-Stakeholder Model

According to Pervez Siddiqui, Director, Strategic Markets in an article titled “Unifying Citywide Surveillance Systems”, [Federation™] allows cities to extend security coverage by accessing video streams from private entities in emergencies, while retaining the autonomy of each individual system.”

As described in an article called “Bridging the gap between Detecta and local neighbourhoods in São Paulo”, more cities recognize the efficiency and cost savings of Citywide collaboration.

Considering the Cloud for Citywide Expansion

To address the growing demand for video surveillance, Genetec offers a Cloud portfolio. Cities can leverage the cloud to easily expand surveillance efforts without having to procure and maintain servers, leading to significant savings.

Leverage the cloud to add new cameras with ease, extend video retention periods, and ensure availability of video archives in case of disaster recovery; many applications are possible.

It doesn’t have to be all cloud or no cloud. Grow your existing server-based systems with Genetec™ cloud services by implementing a Hybrid Cloud Model.

3 Genetec™ Solutions for Greater Mobility and Privacy

  1. Support for Body Wearable Cameras - Connect to fixed and wearable cameras from one easy-to-use interface
  2. Mobile Connectivity – Access video from mobile devices or in-vehicle laptops to improve emergency response
  3. Privacy Features – Configure highly-granular user privileges, rules, and authentication to keep video secure and protect citizen privacy

Keep citizens safe with powerful surveillance.

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Safeguard Access to All Municipal Facilities

SynergisTM, the access control system of Security Center, our unified security platform, helps cities monitor access to municipal facilities.

Watch this short video to get a quick overview of SynergisTM, or read how the City of Lakeland standardized on the SynergisTM access control system across 53 sites with 450 doors and over 3300 cardholders. Buildings include waste and water facilities, police and fire departments, city hall, libraries, parks, recreation buildings, and more.

Centralized Control Saves Cities Time and Money

Using the GenetecTMFederationTM feature, the city of Lakeland's IT department has full administrative control over all resident systems, but provides local autonomy and privileges to each independent organization. Read the full story.

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Access Control System with Synergis™

  1. The Synergis™ Cloud Link helps you leverage existing access control hardware, thereby reducing initial costs and allowing you to upgrade to newer technologies over time
  2. Choose from the latest wireless and PoE locks to minimize installation and wiring costs, or to bring hard-to-reach doors online
  3. Leverage Active Directory Integration and Global Cardholder Management to easily group cardholders and assign or change access control rights and system user privileges

Want to know more? Read our IP access control white paper to learn about the considerations and best practices for migrating to IP access control.

Streamline Building Operations with Third-Party Integrations

Within Security Center, access control events are directly linked to video, making it easy for operators to see exactly what is happening when an alarm is generated by the system. Many cities unify SynergisTM with third-party systems such as, intercom, intrusion detection, and building management through the Genetec SDK.

Read about how the City of Sanford secured their state-of-the-art Safety Complex with SynergisTM, or how Manchester Town Hall unified nine systems for better operations and security.

Secure access to public and municipal facilities.

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Be Alerted to Criminals on Your Streets

City police departments are adding AutoVu™, the automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system of Security Center, our unified security platform to their surveillance efforts. AutoVu™ helps cities better track criminals registered on regional or national hotlists, including:

  • Stolen vehicles or license plates
  • Wanted felons
  • Amber alert suspects
  • Scofflaws

3 Ways to Add AutoVu™ ALPR to Your City

  1. Add Fixed ALPR cameras to intersection lights or at the entrance of buildings to capture license plates of vehicles traveling in and around the city Read how the Town of Palm Beach in Florida is using AutoVu™ and how they say “It’s like fishing with dynamite.”
  2. Equip patrol vehicles with mobile ALPR cameras to track wanted vehicles, allowing officers to focus on the road or other tasks
  3. Use AutoVu™ Plate Reader Cloud to leverage off-the-shelf video surveillance cameras for advanced ALPR capabilities

Leverage AutoVuTM ALPR Data for Enhanced City Security

AutoVuTM ALPR can also be synced with OmnicastTM video surveillance within Security Center, allowing cities to pre-configure system triggers such as PTZ movements or video recordings, upon detection of specific license plates. Read more in the article titled LPR Assists Law Enforcement from SDM Magazine or watch a demo that explains how to manage AutoVuTM from a unified interface.

Unique data mining features in AutoVuTM further allow investigators to pull advanced vehicle analytics, generate multi-region ALPR reports or monitor live ALPR reads and hits.

Controlled Sharing of ALPR Data Strengthens Investigations

Other entities such as city parking enforcement and private companies such as large retailers, capture far more license plate reads when leveraging ALPR technology for their own applications.

Using the GenetecTM FederationTM feature, these organizations can now securely share ALPR data with law enforcement to help speed up investigations. The massive amount of vehicle-specific data could be the catalyst to closing more cases faster. Privacy is upheld with strict user access privileges and data security features.

Strengthen safety with ALPR.

5 Benefits for Citywide Surveillance

Security Center is the unified platform that enables you to manage all of your security and business systems seamlessly. Security Center standardizes common security operations from multiple systems such as monitoring, reporting, alarm management and configuration, and makes all tasks easily accessible via a single intuitive application.

See why more cities are choosing unification. Read more.

Unified fixed and onboard systems

Unify Your Operations

Work from a single and intuitive interface for video, access control, ALPR and more, and centralize your operations by increasing multi-stakeholder collaboration.

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Stay on Budget

Implement a phased growth plan, leverage Genetec™ cloud solutions and choose your own hardware to minimize costs.

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Manage It All from a City Map

Monitor all of your cameras, doors, and systems using map-based layouts of your city and facilities.

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Prioritize Security and Privacy

Rely on password protected logins, encrypted client-server communications, and granular privileges to keep video and data secure, always.

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Free Up IT Resources

Minimize maintenance with in-service upgrades, software and hardware backwards compatibility, and advanced health monitoring features.

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Our Customers

Learn how cities around the globe are leveraging Genetec™ Security Center and cloud-based solutions to increase the safety and operational efficiency of their communities.

Los Angeles Police Department

LAPD Leverages Genetec™ Federation™-as-a-Service to Build Centralized Command Center for Special Olympics World Games 2015