Lifecycle Management offers comprehensive support and services options that will cover your system, whether large or small, from installation and deployment throughout the lifetime of your product.

Genetec™ Lifecycle Management

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and Genetec™ Assurance is how we stand by our products throughout their lifetime and work with you to keep your system up and running effectively. Genetec™ Advantage is our premium support service offering that ensures that your system continuously performs at peak efficiency even as you expand your system, add new devices, leverage advanced capabilities, enhance your security environment, or upgrade to the latest software version.

Genetec™ Security Center

Genetec™ Assurance

Genetec™ Assurance, our standard support and services offering, provides self-service tools, learning resources, online technical assistance that is tracked through a personalized support dashboard, and initial deployment assistance. Our technical support and resources are designed to help you keep your system up and running effectively.

Security Center Operator

Genetec™ Advantage

Our premium support and services offering that can be purchased for up to five years at a time, on a renewable basis. Genetec™ Advantage provides access to all software releases, the latest updates, real-time advanced troubleshooting, monitoring tools, technical consultations to assess the health of your system, and complimentary Stratocast™ Camera connections and Cloud Archives to help you expand your system into the cloud risk-free.

Key Benefits

Our Coverage

When you invest in Genetec™ Security Center, you also gain access to product knowledge that allows you to take advantage of the full potential of your security system. With Genetec™ Assurance, you can be sure that you can always gain access to the tools and resources necessary to effectively preserve your security investments. 

Genetec™ Advantage unlocks services and benefits that allow your organization to be the first to profit from our innovation and expertise. When you choose to purchase Genetec™ Advantage, you can be confident that, from activation through the entire evolution of your system, you will be able to access everything you need to fully capitalize on your security investment.

Genetec™ provides an initial period of Deployment Assistance to help set-up your system. With access to advanced troubleshooting, case follow-up by phone, as well as software updates and hardware integrations within the software release you purchased, we give you the tools to achieve a successful deployment.

After deployment, we provide unlimited access to the Genetec™ Portal, which offers an ever-growing number of online self-help tools. You will maintain the ability to consult Genetec™ Technical Assistance via the Genetec™ Portal throughout the lifetime of your product and can track those interactions using a personalized support dashboard.


  • Obtain general assistance from our support specialists via Online Case Management throughout the lifetime of the product
  • Initial access to advanced troubleshooting and case follow-up by phone when required
  • Software updates and hardware integrations within the release purchased
  • Unlimited access to vast online information portal, video library, and peer-to-peer forum
  • Self-service online learning tools for the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of the system

Cost: Included
Duration: Lifetime

Genetec™ Advantage provides you with the latest major and minor software releases, giving you access to the cutting edge possibilities of your Genetec™ product.

Customers also benefit from our comprehensive service level commitments, live collaborative transfers to specialist support technicians, and advanced troubleshooting techniques. In addition to being able to schedule one-on-one technical consultations, you also receive Cloud Benefits with complimentary Stratocast™ Camera connections and Cloud Archives.


  • Unlimited real-time* chat and phone support, advanced troubleshooting including collaborative support
  • Software updates, hotfixes, major and minor releases
  • Committed rapid response and follow-up on all support channels and fast resolution times
  • System Availability Monitor for all systems
  • Up to 40 hours of one-on-one technical consultation with Genetec™ experts who can proactively advise you on system improvements, phased growth, and best practices
  • Options for 24/7 coverage and/or dedicated account support
  • Complimentary advanced cloud services and features to help you extend your video surveillance coverage and expand your storage without on-site investment

Cost: Dependent on system. Request a quote.
Duration: 1-5 years with renewal options

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*Real-time customer interactions require a valid technical certification.

7 Key Benefits of Genetec™ Advantage

Genetec™ Advantage is the best way for you to get the highest return on your security investments year after year. Here are the most notable benefits of this comprehensive support offering:

Reap the Benefits of Expert Support

Genetec™ Advantage customers benefit from our comprehensive service level commitments, live collaborative transfers to specialist support technicians, and advanced troubleshooting techniques, resulting in less time and money spent on maintaining your system.

Learn more about the Genetec™ Portal

Always Access Our Latest Innovations

To keep your system at peak performance and ensure continuous access to new functionality and hardware integrations, Genetec™ Advantage gives you access to major and minor releases as well as all software updates as soon as they become available.

Find out about the latest Security Center enhancements

Proactive Maintenance of Your System with Technical Consultations

Receive up to 40 hours of technical consulting based on your needs, including assistance in preparing for a server move or for a system assessment, upgrade, migration, or expansion.

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Ensure the Ongoing Health of Your Platform

Leverage the System Availability Monitor feature to get a centralized view of the overall performance of your system and to quickly identify and resolve health issues while monitoring real-time statistics.

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Opt for More Dedicated Resources

Based on your security needs, you can choose to add additional premium support services, including 24/7 and dedicated account support. With Genetec™ Advantage, you also have access to Genetec™ professional services, including Project Managers and Field Engineers.

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Expand Your Storage in the Cloud, Risk-Free

Expand your storage without the need for additional on-site server investments using our hybrid cloud services. Receive up to 100 terabytes of Genetec™ Cloud Archives as part of this comprehensive package.

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Easily Add Cameras with Stratocast™ Camera Connections

Quickly add more cameras to your system or facilitate remote camera installations with Stratocast™. Receive up to 100 Stratocast™ camera connections to easily grow your system at your own pace.

Discover the benefits of Stratocast™

Support at a Glance

 Genetec™ AssuranceGenetec™ Advantage
Cost Included Based on Deployment Scale
Duration System Lifetime 1-5 Years
Online Self-Help Tools Yes Yes
Online Support Case Management Yes Yes
General Technical Assistance Yes Yes
Real-time Support Deployment Assistance Yes
Advanced Troubleshooting Deployment Assistance Yes
Collaborative Support Model* Yes
Comprehensive Service Levels Yes
Software Warranty Updates Available within Release Yes
New Software Releases and Hotfixes Yes
System Availability Monitor Yes
Optional Advanced Support • 24/7 Support**
• Dedicated Support Engineer**
Access to Professional Services • Field Engineering**
• Deployment Project Management**
Up to: 40 hours Technical Consultation Included
Enhanced Features Up to: 100 TB of Cloud Archives
100 Stratocast™ Standard Cameras

* Knowledgeable interactive transfers from front-line technicians to product support specialists as needed to streamline case resolution.
** Optional with Genetec™ Advantage.