Key Benefits

  • Phase the cost of your transition to an IP surveillance system
  • Take advantage of cost-effective, reliable encoders from industry-leading edge device partners
  • Get access to the latest Security Center features

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Your Path to IP

As analog users look to upgrade to more capable and versatile network video surveillance systems, many still have a sizeable investment in analog cameras that are not at the end of their usefulness. To help manage this transition, cost-effective Security Center analog camera connections enable users to choose from some of the industry's most affordable video encoders that will allow them to preserve their existing analog video equipment, while giving them access to Genetec's industry leading video management software (VMS).

Why Switch to an IP System?

Reduce the Cost of Your Analog Migration
Security Center analog camera connections reduce the cost and ease the path to an IP-based solution, while allowing you to preserve your investment in existing analog cameras that continue to be serviceable. When you are ready to transition your analog cameras to IP, you can upgrade your encoder connections to Security Center IP camera connections, without losing your initial software investment.

Flexible Architecture
As IP recording servers do not require direct connection to the cameras, systems are no longer tied to the physical footprint of their site. A distributed IP architecture allows different IP video and security devices to be located anywhere on the network, while allowing users to virtually access the system from anywhere.

Greater Reliability
A distributed network architecture helps to ensure that there exists no single point of failure, such as the DVR that is critical to an analog system. Security Center also provides mechanisms to ensure uninterrupted access to video at all time, including built-in software failover, available for both the recording and management server.

Unified IP Security
Whereas analog systems provide limited interoperability with other security applications, network-based video surveillance offers customers the possibility for greater integration with other security systems on the network. Organizations can integrate security and business systems such as access control, intrusion detection, video analytics and more, and consolidate information and alarms for faster decision making.